Elmhurst, Illinois

People go to advanced for batteries because of the free intallation advertisement (on most cars). Is there any car that qualifies for this?

They sent my wife out, on a cold night, with a battery under her arm to a car that wouldn't start, refusing installation because it's in a slightly difficult place. They said it would take 45 minutes and their limit is 30. If your car is made so that you can just drop a battery in and go, then installation is not necessary.

Lucky it was my wife instead of me.

Advanced would have taken the battery back and every customer in the store would have been told to be leary of these guys and their false ads. I'm done with advanced and will tell all friends, relatives, customers, neighbors to stay away. I think they take advantage of women.

I'm so irritated that I may stand outside their entrance and warn people to stay away.

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Interesting that you don't say what kind of car or where the battery is located...

I used to own a 2000 Intrepid, notoriously difficult battery to change. So yeah, I can see ANY auto part store refusing certain makes and models.


its like that at any parts store. might as well have asked him to install a set of spark plugs or an altenator. ***


Look man we aint allowed to install a battery that takes that long. It usually involves taking something apart or something else like that and if something gets broken in the process we are responsible for it.

Its nothinh against women, i have refused to install for more men than i have women. Its all about where the battery is located in the car.

@AAP Employee

We have the same thing at our stores. We have free battery installation that applies to most cars, we usually only will do a replacement if we can remove the wires, loosen a screw or two, and pop it out and back in. Customers complain to us all the time when we can't install their battery because it is either under support bars or where seats have to be removed.

@AAP Employee

Then why don't you attempt to get corporate to fix the bait and switch that appears on AAP's website?

SEE my other post.


The only thing you ever spam on this page is bait and switch. I am starting to question if you even know the meaning.

The closest point that may be confusing on the page is "some exclusions may apply" which if you know a scrap of english and have your brain still attached should make you able minded enough to understand what that means. True there may be some halfwitted people out there, but it is pretty hard to not be able to figure that one out. So under those circumstances, advance is not baiting anyone in being that exclusions to the free installation rule exist.

And they are not switching anything out being that if you failed to call, then you could not possibly have a misconception of the pricing (which if you did call then advance would not have guaranteed to install unless first seeing if the task could be completed or not). In conclusion, stop basing your arguement around a term you are clearly not familiar with as you are only making a fool out of yourself.

@AAP Employee

my question is this , what would all these people do if the parts stores didn't offer free installation ? Learn to do it themselves or take it to a shop correct ?

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