Catonsville, Maryland
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I work in a mechanic shop and I have customers waiting to get their car fixed. I had to delay their car for 5 HOURS Because of advance auto parts.

First I ordered a fuel injector, they said they did not have it, but they can get it within 2 hours. So I ordered and waited. 2 hours later I call them back and they say they never got the order. Which is bs because I called them and told the employee to order it.

SO I order it again and wait ANOTHER 2 hours. I call them to see if it came, and they say "oh sorry it was defective, its going to be another hour." .... Seriously.? They didn't even check the part when they sent it?

Are any of these things they say true?

What if they just forgot about it and they are making all these excuses to cover up their incompetent workers. They need to start taking responsibility for our loss, instead of just hanging up the phone after saying sorry.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Customer service is vital to repeat business. I find your complaint valid.

Your a business person who expects to be treated with the same respect and sense of responsibiliy that you treat your customers with. You are also completely within your rights to complain about poor service so that other consumers are aware. Yes, as Assclown said, **** happens. It also seems that he probably works for Advanced Auto.

Hence his name. If he is inquisative in nature and is pondering in that tiny mind of his whether I am being smart***, that would be a resounding yes.


Well sir it seems as if you have already passed judgement on the matter and don't believe what they say to be true. Seeing as how the world revolves around you , I am to assume you must be correct.

I can already guess by your inquisitive nature that your next question will be something along the lines of "Are you being a smart ***?" To which I would answer with a resounding yes.

*** happens beyond peoples control sometimes , stop being a whiny *** about it and move on.

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