Middle River, Maryland
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I went to pick up a starter that I had ordered online and on examining it I asked the parts person were the nuts for the solenoid were as there were none and he said that's the way they come. You could see witness marks were some one had bolted this one up and then returned it .looking at the box you could see this thing had been handed out to a customer and then returned.

I asked for another one and OOOPs were all out that the last one. I have been doing this work for 33 years mostly Police vehicles And Fire Engines So I might have been born at night but it wasn't last night. They were trying to pawn off there old returned stock on me and that wasn't going to fly. Asked to see other types of starters and WOW they all had new nuts for the solenoid Guess mine was the magical exemption.

Told them to cancel the order I will by one from their competitor .

Monetary Loss: $200.

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What would the employee have to gain by selling you a used part? Sounds more like an inexperienced employee put a return or core back on the stock shelf instead of sending it back to their hub.

I do not think someone who does not get paid commission would have any reason to sell you a returned or used part. Maybe the Manager should spend some extra time training the employees but I do no think you were being deliberately sold a used part.


Probably doesn't hurt the sales guy's feelings. Its not like he gets credit for your online order because you are too much of a cheap *** to come in to the store and pay what you actually owe.


You must work there if you keep defending their poor service.


Or he's just a troll.

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