Waverly, Ohio
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I took my battery into the Waverly, OH location last night to have it charged. I went first thing this morning to pick it up.

The lady that opened the store went to check the battery before giving it back. I was told that it was so dead that it would not turn the checker on. I asked her if it was even charged last night after I dropped it off she replied with “Yes it was. I just took it off the charger.” I took the battery back and came back home where I checked the other vehicles I own for a similar battery.

One of them was almost exact so I swapped them just to start my car then switched them back to charge it myself. I only let it run for about 10 minutes before I shut it off. Now keep in mind I couldn’t even unlock my doors because the battery was so dead when I took it in. Just in 10 minutes the car attempted to crank, I get all the lights to come on, and I can use the key fob to lock and unlock the doors...

my question is if it was charged when it was dropped off then a worker attempted to check it stating that it was dead how can I change it a little with the alternator in the car. They pulled the same thing about 5 months ago with my truck batteries.

Advance auto parts use to be my go to place. After multiple incidents over the last year with them I will not be buying anything else from there.

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