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A transaction was made using my credit card, which my bank was able to tell me that the transaction was made through phone, as the number had been entered in and that the card was not swiped. I contacted the location to obtain information of the transaction, and the manager told me nothing.

She said that she was unable to look up any transactions, which I knew was inaccurate because at first I contacted the wrong store, and the manager there was able and willing to help assist me. Unfortunately because it was the wrong store she didn't have any information to give, but did give me the information for the customer service line. I called that line, and they further explained that the transaction was not made online so they could be of no assistance, which was after they looked up the card number that was used. After talking to the manager who refused to help me, I contacted the corporate, who again were of no help.

The person that I spoke to said that I had to take it up with the store because as they see the transaction was not made online. He said that he could not assist me because they could not share customers information. This made me furious because if someone used my card and my name to make a purchase, I have now been made the customer.

However, he did inform me that their employees are not supposed to accept phone payments, which they had done in this case. So why does this employee still have their job as they are the result of fraudulent activity on my account, and as far as I am concerned if they went to the point of violating the companies policy, that individual may have very well been the one that committed the fraudulent transaction?

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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So, how did someone get your credit card number. Somebody has it and I don't think its the stores fault.

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