Millville, New Jersey
Not resolved

I ordered items from Advance Auto. I was contacted that the order was complete and ready for pickup at the store.

When I arrived at the store, "Nothing was prepared and all the items had to be pulled from the shelf as if I had just walked in." WASTED TIME FOR ONLINE ORDERING".

Tried a 2nd time with home delivery. I ordered over $75 for free shipment. Instead, I received 1 item for $16 with $10 shipping added on.

Other items were cancelled.


Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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The most common words on the web site: "OUT OF STOCK", when checking local stores.

I usually end up ordering from Rock that works out less even with shipping

Store price often higher than on line price and you have to show them the on line listing to get them to come down. Then they act like they are doing you a favor.

I only shop there when really desparate


How long rook to the rep to pull the parts 1,2,4,5 hrs come on stop *** for everything, the website is clear in order of have free shipping you need spend certainly amount of money is not because your beautiful face if that was the situation you may owe money to them, my best suggestion is be nice and patient and they take care you, or you can get it from another retailer.

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