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This happened a little less than a week ago when my sister got a battery for her Ford focus. I was there and we walked in and proceeded to be ignored by everyone while they finished a conversation, but the real complaint is about Keith.

I don't really care about that. When he finally helped us he asked if we needed it installed and we said yes. His supervisor (I'm assuming) asked if he knew how to install it and he said and quote, "No, I'm just gonna wing it." We watched him gather his supplies and walked to the door to hold it open, because the carts look like a pain to get through the doors. He sits in there talking to the other guy for another 4 minutes.

Idk what they were talking about, if it had to do with the battery then he should've said just a minute because after how we had already been treated I don't think it was about the battery. So eventually he comes outside on his cell phone taking a personal call, refuses to acknowledge us at all and is trying to do everything one handed, super slowly. Fast forwards to when he ended the most definitely personal call, he forgot the model and year of the car he just learned about 12 minutes ago at this point, but still. Also, he was standing in front of it.

Anyways, after that he went back inside and came back out to do something, who knows what and I think we ended up being there for around 30 minutes for a simple battery install. The only time he actually acknowledged us was to say an obviously fake, have a good day at the end.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Employee attitude, Employees with little experience, Amount of time it took for a simple install, Employee on cell phone, Employees talking instead of working.

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Its a free service, so either pay a mechanic to do it faster or do it yourself. You still saved some money or did you expect the red carpet to be rolled out by a minimum wage lackey or obviously did his first install and it was on your call. Maybe your sister could of done it faster than him since you obviously are not mechanically inclined


Well I am glad you have money to spare to just pay a mechanic ridiculous fees to do it, not everyone can afford luxuries like that. Also, the cost of the installation is built into the prices of batteries at places like that so it's not really free.

Finally, I'm guessing you have never worked in customer service in your life, but you would get fired immediately. Taking personal phone calls and ignoring a customer and not knowing how to do a simple job is not okay at all. Even for a "free service".

There is also no need for your last comment, most people do not have the time to go out and get a battery and install it themselves. It is a convenience that he is getting paid to do, he should have done it right and with good customer service.

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