Hartford, Connecticut

I have never seen so much unprofessionalism by the general manager

At the branford ct store julie clement approaches people like they are beneathher .she talk to employees like trash and is very discrimating towards her employees maybe this company shall reevaluate the people they hire

Especially the way she screams across the store wow.

Honestly gotta say is it even allowed to leave on the clock to go to zumba

Maybe you all should investigate this serious situation.

Also i dont think legally she can hire family just because they have different last name and take the exam to get hired for them alot of ilegal things i will go to media on this if ut is not resolved.anonymous

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Manager.

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Grow up people


If malicious gossip, rumour spreading and lies become severe enough, not only are they forms of bullying, they can also become Human Resources issues as well and also gossip, rumour spreading and lies can land you out of a job and if serious, with the law as well (i.e. the offenses of libel and slander).




Sad that someone has to sleep there way to the top i as an employee have heard about that.And i dont work there at that location.

I am a manager myself and i don't believe it is fair that people in this position are hired for false pretenses .I will look into this .


This is such bull *** I can smell it threw the computer!! I can't believe you have the nerve to say this isn't personal did you proof read what you wrote?

Judging by what you said and how you spoke about a someone leaves me no other choice but to think your very unintelligent! Also if you think for one minute your going to write a statement like the one your wrote and actually be taken serious from a multi billion dollar company you have gone completely mad! Companies like advance auto parts spend millions on lawyers and proof readers and not too mention the training of their employees ect.

Do you think for one second just because you wrote this bogus complaint they will believe you? Next time you should try and be a little more professional and a little less vindictive so you don't stand out like a complete ***!!


This sounds like you have a personal vendetta against this "supposedly" unprofessional manager. Let's review, your allegations contain personal details of this person, something I doubt the average person would know, next you are implying that this person is stealing company time, something with any merit whatsoever would've been brought to her superior's attention immediately to apply appropriate disciplinary action.

"Screams across the store" one would think that customers would have certainly complained about this behavior. "I don't think legally she can hire family just because they have different last name and take the exam to get hired for them." I could say many things about this statement but I will keep to a minimum by saying first and foremost there are no laws regarding hiring family members, something any reasonably intelligent person would certainly be aware of. Next, if the two employees in question have different last names then you most certainly do have a more personal connection to this personal solidifying my opinion that you are merely disparaging this person to settle some perceived score that you have with this person, which would indicate that you are a childish, malicious, self absorbed poor excuse for a human being. Finally, stating that someone took the exam for their family member to get hired without proper proof is defamation of character.

I would hope that whatever your deep seeded pyschological issues are that you get the professional help you so desperately need.

While you are on your path of personal development, might I also suggest that you work on your education so that you may learn proper grammar as well as capitalization and punctuation. One final note, I agree that maybe Advance Auto Parts might benefit by re-evaluating the people they hire, because if you were an employee, past or present, that certainly would suggest the bar might not be set very high and could explain why there are so many complaints about wrong parts received, and their ill equipped staff.


Only a person with conviction would write this.lmao


THis isn't a personal thing this is a fact I am not the person in the writing but I have witnessed this. She only has a this job because she slept her way there. She keeps that postion because of who she sleeps with.


I Agree i have heard that also employees have seen her come and go with the budget guy thats what i heard.


sounds a bit personal to me ... why were you fired you never stated

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