Recently I purchased a pair of front wheel bearings for my car. Unfortunately, they failed after 4 months and trying to get them replaced has been sheer agony. First, I blame myself for buying economical parts. Cheap parts are always more expensive as this lesson has to be relearned occasionally.

Secondly, the store wouldn't honor an exchange of the parts. Advance claims that since I purchased them on line I had to repurchase them again and then I will get my refund in about two weeks. Really?, what BS!

Using the Advance on line purchase system has been nothing short of a train wreck. In the beginning I understood they had to work out several of the bugs in the system. However, after having made at least 10 purchases in this fashion, at least 75% of them had additional problems most of which revolved around their payment system. Primarily, the stores and on line systems are not on the same page.

Furthermore, trying to resolve anything on line with the chat feature was another painful experience. The goofballs on the other end are clearly not in the USA. While we are all Gods children, it is impossible to understand their broken English and get them to understand what you are saying.

I called the Customer Care number on the back of the receipt to get some help too. Nope! you guessed it, another major fail! The phone tree was messed up and I kept getting the wrong department after long wait times to boot. The initial recording on the customer service line states, and I am paraphrasing, that their main concern is customer service. WOW....

Needless to say, I will be taking my business elsewhere since their strategy is clearly designed to make any warranty request so painful that one would just give up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

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I'm not defending their service or anything, but the number one failure of parts is the persons installing. Some of their parts are just plain bad, but 4 months for a wheel bearing?

I have had zero problems with moog wheel bearings from them.

Are you torquing down them properly or just hitting them with a couple zaps of the air ratchet until it doesn't move anymore. If so, you are crushing the bearing and wearing it out prematurely.


Sorry to hear about that whole train wreck of a situation. Normally that is the correct way of doing it because online ordering is separate from our customer database.

Why they don't merge the two I have no idea.

In some cases (only a manager can do this and it is at their discretion) they can just defect it out for you by using the "inventory adjustment key" in our computers but this is not really an approved way of doing things mind you. Sorry to hear they wouldn't work with you.

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