6489 State Route 30, Jeannette, PA 15644, USA
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I am a single mom and I have to do everything on my own. I needed a light replaced and the guy that waited on me did not try to give me any additional help.

He did not speak all he did was basically nod his head and grunt, which I took as it was my turn. He didn't ask me how i am or What I needed. This man was not personable. Once i paid for my part, which the entire time I felt like I was a bother.

Once handing me my receipt I stood there for a minute and asked about putting it in. The man told me its real easy. I asked if then he could help me? This man didn't even ponder on the idea.

He immediately said they don't do that. And told me how easy it is. I asked if that easy why couldn't he help me, if its that easy and me never doing that BEFORE. His reply was, you would be surprised at how easy it is for anybody.

I commented back, well sir I am a woman with no experience at all with cars, so thank you for making me feel like I'm an idiot. Chivalry is DEFINATELY NON EXISTENT IN THE JEANETTE, PA STORE #1212.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Advance employees are not allowed to install bulbs anymore. About 3 years ago our district manager told us to start passing the word to our customers. Corporate policy keeps us for doing it anymore.


Playing the female card does not work at many locations in todays world. As for them not putting in it, they are not a garage but a retail parts store.

Chivalry died with equal rights, everyone thinks they are better than the other or entitled due to circumstances. Good luck with you light bulb. As for he greeting you never got perhaps you are waiting for Sir Walter Raleigh to lay down his coat over the puddle so that you can cross over it without getting wet.

Welcome to the new milenium, btw did you ask him how his day was going, did he have a break yet, or even thanked him for being there to wait on you. I think not.


Omfg so true!! Everyone has gotten what they wanted and now expect us to backslide!!

Hey lady!! Remember bra burning and equal pay and the glass ceiling? All those old notions have gone away. You won!

Now live with your victory! Man up as it were and use that smartphone and look up how to change the bulb. They can’t just go and work on your vehicle because they are not a mechanic shop. They could instal it perfectly and with no issues and you could turn around and say they touched your kids while doing it.

So to avoid any of that they can’t help you. The OP starts off her post with pity me. Lots of single parents. Lots of problems that can be solved with a minor application of common sense.

The OP has some unrealistic expectations as no individual is going to risk their job because you have an issue. They should give that employee a raise. By sticking to the corporate policy he keeps getting a paycheck to support his family. The OP should be ashamed of herself for placing her weakness upon another.

It’s so easy for you all to condemn the employee when they can’t do what you want.

Be it putting in a bulb or giving you a refund. How dare you blame the employee for doing the EXACT same thing you would have to do in your job.


They don't install bulbs at advance auto , only wipers and batteries . Maybe you should have asked about help before your purchase

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