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On 09-27-2018

I placed an order that needed to be here this weekend, that is why I paid extra for the fastest shipping that Advance Auto parts has. This part is for my work truck and I needed the parts so that I can use the vehicle for work on Monday.

Refer to page 1 of attached file.

On 09-28-2018

I received an email that the order was shipped from Advanced Auto parts.

It also indicates on the file Urgent fastest shipping method.

Refer to page 2 of attached file.

On 09-28-2018

After I got off work at 7:35 pm, I decided to see where the package was by going to the UPS website. It indicated that the package was not shipped but a label was created.

Refer to page 3 of attached file.

On 09-28-2018

I tried to get a hold of Advanced Auto customer service because I needed the parts this weekend, I realized I would not receive the parts in time, and so I wanted to cancel the order. I called the Advance Auto parts customer service department and the automated system came on and music played. I waited over 20 minutes trying to get a hold of someone to cancel the order. At 8:00 pm, while I was still waiting to talk to a live person, their system automatically hung up on me. I immediately called back again, the system answered and then hung up again.

Refer to page 4 of attached file to see the phone log.

Refer to page 1 of attached file to see Advanced Auto's note that I will not be charged until the order has been shipped or picked up. The order was not shipped therefore I should be able to cancel the order as per email. And the charge was still pending which is an indication that it was not shipped.

On 09-28-2018

I sent an email at 7:31 that I am canceling the order.

Refer to page 5 of attach file to see copy of email.

On 09-29-2018

At 9:42 I call UPS about the package and they indicated that they did not get the package until 9:31 pm.

I also indicated to UPS that I will refuse delivery because I canceled the order via email prior to order being shipped.

On 09-29-2018

I called Advanced auto at 9:42 am and complained.

At 10:06 am I receive a phone call from the supervisor of the Advanced Auto Parts service department.

She wanted to refund me the expedited rush fee because I would not get the parts until Monday.

What she had a hard time grasping is that it wasn't about the extra money for shipping but rather the urgent need for the parts.

I told her that I need the parts this week end and getting a discount for shipping would not work and I will be disputing the charge.

She indicated that I could not do a charge back because the order has already been shipped.

But I tried with email and phone to stop the shipment before they shipped on the 28th when I realized that Advanced Auto could not provided the service that I required.

Then she had the nerve to tell me that I must have called the wrong phone number and it was my fault for not contacting them in time.

I told her that I called the same number this morning and the phone was answered by Advance Auto therefore I did not make a mistake and that I kept a log of calls made the day before.

I believe that the Advanced Auto service department would not communicate with me via email or phone because they wanted to get it shipped so that they can charge me.

Or the Advanced Auto service department was not working until 8 pm as indicated on the website.

I have been placed in a terrible position by Advanced Auto parts.

This is my work truck, if it does not work I lose business.

I paid for a service, and that service was not provided.

Product or Service Mentioned: Advance Auto Parts Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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