Buffalo, New York

It seems every time i go to advance auto the kid that is working the counter knows everything. I have been an ASE certified tech for 25 years.

They all ways say they know what i need and fail every time . I will never again give them a dime of my $$. They are a JOKE !!!

Go to NAPA and get what you need will probably cost you less. And i GUARANTEE They know what they are talking about.Just about any other parts store has people with more experience than this place .

so if you want someone to sell you every thing but what you need shop here . COMMISSION sales i guess

Reason of review: not shopping there again.

Advance Auto Parts Pros: Discusted.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Employees with little experience, Poorly trained associates.

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getting an ase cert just proves you can take a test. aside from that...

i have seen some commercial guys that are total flipping idiots.


There are 3 types of Advance Auto Parts stores.

Retail only. This means Autozone clone. High turnover rate of unskilled college *** who have a hard time finding there butt, much less your part.

Commercial light. This is more like Orielly's. There is at least one knowledgeable person here. Ask for the commercial parts pro.

Commercial heavy. My store. We actually used to be a Carquest store. We have a combined automotive experience of over 100 years with 6 people. We have a combined tractor/agriculture/industrial experience of over 50 years. We have a combined Heavy-duty OTR truck/trailer experience of over 60 years. We only have a couple warm bodies that are *** They lift big boxes and put *** on shelves. Lol!

If you go into an Advance, ask for the commercial guy. You will have a better experience every time.


"If you go into an Advance, ask for the commercial guy.You will have a better experience every time."

The commercial "guy" does not appreciate being called upon to help retail

customers, especially ASE certified walk ins who have "been a mechanic for fourty years"

If I had a nickle for every time I have listened to that one...............

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