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Have had good luck with batteries from Advance Auto Parts, but I'll never go back there again. Seems that they have a little box that they plug into your car's computer, and if the red light comes on the little box, it's tough luck - you're on your own.

The store couldn't give me an explanation of why my vehicle (come on, it's a freaking Subaru Impreza - not a sports or luxury car) was suddenly disqualified from "free installation". So good-bye Advance - I've been a happy customer of your batteries, but no more. By the way, it wasn't the fact that they didn't install it, but I had already paid for the battery WITHOUT the core charge.

They should have plugged their machine in BEFORE I checked out.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Advance Auto Parts Cons: Battery installation policy not clear.

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Newer car technology is making battery installation harder. With some batteries you have to shut the security system of your car down.

If not your battery may be new and installed but your security system will lock the car preventing from starting at all

Then you would have had your car towed to a dealership or shop to have the security system unlocked through the computer system.

Anotherything that is happening is not only the security system needs to be shut down the computer has to be reset. It is your fault for not researching what your getting onto when you buy a new car not a parts store.

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