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restoring 1974 z-28 chevy,can't tell you how many times have been given the wrong parts and have to make another trip to get the right part.The last time was a distributor,wrong dis,then wrong coil;4 trips to my local Advance,only seems to be one guy that works at this store that knows what he is doing.wrong air filter,wrong spark plug wires,I know younger people have to learn a job but it looks like Advance would hire people with a certain amount of mechanical ability so they can help a customer without looking on a computer and only knowing to go by that,not knowing how to cross reference parts or anything.I wounder if some even have ever changed oil in a car?

Review about: Advance Auto Parts Customer Care.

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Berlin, Maryland, United States #807596

its a old chevy there are 100000000 difrent variations of parts you are a douche sir and they are advenceauto(PARTS)you fool and do you know the part number for every part on all the cars you own think about what you are saying you spoiled ***

Savannah, Georgia, United States #792309

does the car have the original engine? if it has been changed, you have to tell them what the engine is from, not what it is in.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #769028

if we wanted to show our mechanical ability we would be mechanics. also, the best thing about old chevys is that there are 30 thousand different parts that will work that are different.

God only knows what *** before you put in that car what he had lying the scrap pile, then you take it off and yell at us for it being wrong. no, your car is a POS and you should probably scrap it

Princeton, New Jersey, United States #759880

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the age of the vehicle ....hmmm


I know that for a fact you are right as I have seen this first hand. The problem does rely within the company itself.

If the company would have better standards for employees they would have to pay them more money. The company itself relies on the goodness of their current underpaid and overworked employees to do the correct thing and go above and beyond.

The corporate office doesn't care about the little man behind the counter selling parts to you as an individual. Some stores might only have one qualified person knowing what they are talking about because those that entered knowing the products have either recently found better paying jobs or they just new that McDonalds paid more money.

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